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This is an Asian Western blog that talks about Millennial series available online. They include Youtube series, Netflix Originals and any other raging drama that the millennial generation is excited about. I have had the delight of contributing a few drama recaps for this website.
Some of my latest contributions include Single by 30 (a Youtube original short series), Busted (a unique simulation based reality show on Netflix), Trollhunters (A Netflix original adventure cartoon series) and Queer Eye (A Netflix Original Reality Show)

talking drama content writer contributing writer

In my core, I am a writer that absolutely loves blogging. And blogging about anything that comes from your daily life can be an absolute delight. Working with Talking Drama, to this day is a pleasure as they take a person’s love for television and drama and give it back as entertaining content.

But some times, no matter how much we love something, the better parts of the day is spent in organization, set up, configuration, running errands and other essentials that can kick the blog on the side lines. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I write variety of entertainment blogs; television recaps, conversational FAQs, movie descriptions, director conversations and actor bio(s) are tip of the iceberg.