10 Guidelines on How To Write Good Instagram Captions

Stakes are high for Instagrammers. They need to be mindful of their captions just as much as their aesthetics and hashtags. Here is the best advice to help you nail a great Instagram Caption.

27 April Post Ideas for Bookstagrammers

Bookstagrammers have tons to do each month: book hauls, readings, reviews, promotions, calendar, post ideas and 30 photos in 20 settings. 24 hours aren’t enough.
Here is something major to ease your work load.

What is a Writing Voice?

It is the first big question every writer faces in their careers. The answer is a slow and diligent process of research, reading, practice and discovery.

First Blog Post

Introductions: First Blog Post

What have you been up to while I have been behind this laptop typing my fingertips into non-existence? Looking for new content? New blogs? New website? Something to sate that content (oh, I mean constant) hunger for finding content and producing content?