Mine is not a ‘thank god that 9 to 5 is over’ story. So if it’s a little boring skip to read where I am now 5 years later. But this is how it began:

My career kick started at the age of 22 when I didn’t exactly know if freelance writing was the right option for me but it seemed like the kind of skill I had (since I was already practicing fiction for years) and I was willing to explore. Last year of college, looking for a job while earning on the side (that’s what I called it) didn’t seem like a bad idea.

But within a year ‘not so bad’ turned into ‘pretty good’ as I graduated and my job offers and acceptances included more of writing than engineering. What I had worked towards for a year payed off as experience. Soon I started learning techniques behind the art and a passion erupted.

5 years later

Here I am helping start ups, small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and social media presences drive engagement to their dream business through content writing and content marketing.

SEO, Keywords, Trends, Hashtags, Content strategy, Brand voice, Press Releases and more such terms relative to communication between brands or between brands and customers fall under content writing domain.

Freelance Writing Services

Content Writing has a large work scope out of which there are few I thrive and excel in:

Blogs/ Articles/ Press Releases are where I started. It is something I will keep doing going forward irrespective of the field I expand in. To see the most recent blog written by me, click here.

Social Media copies are one of the most underrated content writing service as the work behind creating a single tagline or copy remains hidden behind beautiful creatives and effortless language. To see some of my creative copies, click here and here.

Website Content Writing Services include main pages like homepage and About Us along with sub-level pages. This may also include blogs and message scripts on occasion. To see a recent contribution, click here.

You can reach out for any services regarding freelance content writing, just click on the button above.

Haven’t decided yet? Explore more about me and my knack on writing on the blog.