Actionable SEO Tips For Beginners

SEO Tips for Beginners

Not every writer starts armed with SEO savviness for their blogs. Some do but how? They come from an SEO, knowledgeable background or have taken the time to learn the craft of SEO before getting into a career of writing. One way or another, everyone learns their way to an optimised article.

Most of us learn along the way. As a freelance writer, earning project by project leaves little room to engage an article with 4 hours of work straight from keyword search and trend checks to editing, re-editing and finishing. At times like these, the help of tools is of utmost importance, knowing what works quicker than the other is vital and finally boiling everything down to one or two edits must always work.

Sound crisp? Doesn’t it? It is, and, below are the SEO tips that will help you do it.

  • Find an alternative to Google Keywords that work for you. I use Ubbersuggest and stick to it like religion for all my SEO tips. Taking as little time as possible and still being able to follow the process of article writing is essential for every freelancer.
  • With the introduction of Google BERT, better use long tail keywords
  • Rankings are crucial for every article in a search engine. When your piece is published, it competes with other blogs in the keyword area. To make sure competition is low, check the article title in search engine and make sure to pick something that has lesser results. It translates to lesser competition. You don’t always have to go to Google trend or keyword planner or AdWords, sometimes a simple check on the search engine is enough for the SEO title or keyword.
  • Create a rough outline. Put all the ideas that pop around the topic, in one place. Now you have room for wording while creating without concerning with flow. 
  • Write without inhibition and once completed, come back to your outlines and keywords.
  • Structure of the article after completing it. Infuse the keyword in the Heading and a couple of subheadings for an SEO uplift.
  • To make the blog SEO worthy, the minimum amount of keyword should be 1% of the word count. More is good, but the excess is not!
  • Now use a tool to check clarity, readability and such which simply translates to active voice and short sentences with an average level of simple language.
  • Finally, a run through the plagiarism checker for any last-minute changes.

Most of the tips above come before and after writing. They will improve your level of SEO as a beginner and also uplift technicalities of the writing.

A good businessman always hires people that compensate for their weak points.

Identify your week points and find apps and tools that fill that space while you concentrate on critical factors and skill enhancement.

Get on with it.

See you next blog!