Writing Exercise 6

Writing Exercise 6

Newsletters: The exclusive content sent to people who willingly subscribed to an expert’s knowledge base.

That being said, you yourself must have subscribed to some websites for their content. There could be various reasons from keeping an eye on the competition to consuming quality content. One of my favorite content writer’s blog often delivers out of the box content in her newsletters. Her advices range starts from setting up a blog (advice for beginners) and add value with how-to articles like upscale with the same clients (for intermediate or even proficient writer).

These newsletters are a great source of inspiration sometimes and at other time a learning experience.

That being said, the exercise for today focuses on newsletters that lands in your email everyday.

This exercise is for those who wish to create, revamp or uplift their newsletters. Not just the content but all aspects from color scheme to CTA.

Look at the heading, the opening line and image.

Does the newsletter match the website vibes? How can you use the same technique to match your website aesthetics with the newsletters.

Scan all the newsletters from one platform or subscription.

Note their consistencies. Pick one of your oldest subscriptions. It does not have to be something in your field of expertise. Picking up a familiar newsletter to survey helps you note their changes over time. Note how and why those changes where made. Was it the demand of times, trend or readers? (Take Pandemic caused changes for example)

Look at the language, the writing voice uniqueness in a newsletter.

What unique writing voice does the subscription use. I go with friendly but professional style for that is unique to my writing and comes easily. I often use simple language and rarely ever incorporate words that need to be looked up the Google dictionary. In comparison my favorite newsletter often comes across as conversational, casual and almost every sentence is separated in paragraphs, hence scan-able and consumable.

Now what is your voice? Go through your writing pieces and carry the same critical survey for your unique style.

What does your readers want in your newsletter?

Your reader come to you for something specific. What is it about you and your blog they like? If unaware, worry not, run a feedback form and your supportive readers will be happy to uplift and encourage. Audiences love to know they are being considered by the brands they love.

Take this feedback and incorporate these components in your style to design the next newsletter.

Go now.

Coming up with fresh content frequently is a hell of a task, you never know what newsletter gives you a new idea. Don’t follow everyone. Follow the ones that provide value to you. Learn. Improve. And mostly importantly share what you know.

Newsletters fall under marketing but not all newsletters are made for promotions and deals, it must be used to provide value which can be a good deal as much as it is valuable information.

Get on that case study.

See you next blog!