3 Simple Ways to Establish Yourself in a Blogging Community

3 Simple ways to establish yourself in a blogging community

Blogging is a highly sort after and competitive field currently. Needless to say, ranking a blog is tough. Landing eyes on a blog requires as much of marketing strategy as quality content. If the blog wishes to rise in the virtual public eye, one cannot prevail without the other.

Previously, we talked about finding a blogging community, both online and offline. This time, we will move on to establish how any of you, as a blogger, can integrate yourself in the blogging community of your choosing.

To begin with, it is vital to remember that relevancy is key. There is no point in working hard over a UI/UX community if all as a lifestyle writer you wish to do there is seek help. Impart the right amount of time in the right place for the right eyes to land where you want them to.

Let’s start with the common phenomenon we all follow:

Like, Comment, Share

Irrespective of the online community, group or platform you choose to engage with, as a blogger, the first step is getting yourself as a person/online profile, in front of other people. This is easily and often achieved by engaging in other’s content.

  • I highly recommend to engage in content that is either, similar to your own or align with your blogging content.
  • Other than that, it is also advisable to share posts of people who are on a similar popularity level as your own in order for them to reciprocate to your engagement.
  • Like and comment on big profiles to get eyes on yourself but share only if the content adds value to your own content.
  • It is alright to leave a link in the comment of other blogs only when they are relevant to your own or add value to their blog.
  • Comments and shares are always considered more authentic metrics than likes.
  • Dedicate time, i.e., follow through to links in the post before leaving a comment.
  • This is a give and take relationship. Stay away from places that have no return on investment.

Apart from engagement, there is a more basic step that bloggers need to follow:

Post Consistently

For others to see your content, there should be enough content on your blog for them to spend time on. Not only that, blogging is a full time consuming job if you want to flourish. It is required of a blogger to constantly comes up with new content in order to stay fresh and relevant.

  • Share your content in the community with consistency that isn’t annoying.
  • Once in 2 to 3 days sounds good!
  • Always share new links.
  • That means, keep writing fresh blogs.
  • Refurbish old blogs for new eyes.
  • Post blogs by other bloggers that are relevant to the community.

You can nod along to all the above pointers but what of days when you have nothing to post or nothing fresh lined up?

Start a conversation

On stale days, you should still go in front of your community to break your image of someone who only posts links and start a conversation.

  • Ask for constructive feedback in the community every once in a while when you have a past blog that isn’t performing well.
  • Share the after results of the constructive feedback application.
  • Ask how others are performing, their blogging struggles.
  • Talk about understated and underwhelming topics.
  • Share stories of success and failure. Both are received well and trigger people to share their own story.
  • Ask advice on unfinished pieces and drafts.
  • Ask for solutions, if you have a problem.

Bloggers are often consumed in writing more than getting eyes on their writing which as a creative is great but not so great when earnings are attached. If you are one of those who either, spend too much time socializing due to marketing needs to or too little time marketing due to content needs, these simple steps will keep you in moderation every day.

The steps above, if followed daily, will only ever take an hour or two of your day and will form a image in your community of someone who is consistent, engaging and helpful.

Work up your marketing skills.

See you next blog!