Writing Exercise 5

Writing Exercise, Prompt

One of the basics of writing is a narrative. Anybody and everybody who has seen the Marvel franchised Ant-man knows Louis and his fifth person narrative style.

It is his style of narration that makes him funny and unique to the story. Nothing but his narration makes him stand out in the supporting cast.

The importance of narration cannot be emphasized enough.

For this exercise, let’s practice writing in two narratives:

  • First person: I, me, we
  • Third person: He, she, they

These narration styles are mostly associated with storytelling but are not limited to. Try and incorporate these two styles in anything you prefer to write or practice.

Create two narrations of the same piece, one in first person and other in third person. Note the difference. Which one conveys your writing better? Which one needs improvement? Which one comes naturally to you?

Writing exercises are all about trying different things and seeing what works and what to learn.

Get practicing!

See you next blog.