5 Types of Content Writers with High Demand in 2020

Types of Content Writers with High Demand in 2020

The word ‘content writer’ covers a wide range of writing duties. With increase in demand for content writers across multiple platforms, writers end up juggling multiple roles and duties outside their defined field of expertise. In 2020, with a new wave of start-ups, ventures, websites, podcasts and video content, this demand is only set to rise higher. In such circumstances, it is beneficial for writers and recruiters, alike, to find a defined set of expertise.

As work scope for content creators keep expanding, defining roles has becomes an absolute necessity for two reasons:

  • Recruiters who fish for a certain kind of experience can simply track the right content creator with a defined profile.
  • For writers, abundant experience in one writing niche will reap more results than small testimonial pieces in every category.

Even the most experienced content creators never take up more than two roles. Some even take up specialized sub-category roles and branch out over time. In 2020, the upcoming wave of podcasts and social media is set to catch fire. People in every field are seeking to establish online portfolios and the rise of activism has created an online space that needs to be filled with educational content and press releases.

The need for content writers is at an all time high. Especially, these 5 roles have the largest scope of work in upcoming times:

Technical Writer

Writers with specialization in a specific educational field are in great demand. Technical Engineers often take up these roles in big companies but every once in a while these roles need to be delegated. In the past decade, the role of a technical writer has expanded beyond thesis projects and manuals. You can have expertise in any one field like medical, UX/UI, finance, construction and many others to be technical writer in that field.

These days, many educational websites seek to reach an underprivileged audience with subjects that require expertise. Guides, 101 articles, How-tos, academic papers, special journal features and other educative pieces are few of the demands that have been rising constantly and are suspected to peak in 2020. Then, there are always traditional requirements like company documentation and case studies to work the ladder up.

Ghost Writer

In the past decade, the work of a ghost writer can be explained very simply; work without credentials. Sounds disheartening. Doesn’t it? But such is the case no more. In fact, many people take up ghost writing as a successful side gig, eventually growing it into full time capitol. In the recent years, as the role and its tasks have been clarified, people and businesses have learned to give and take credibility in ghost writing.

These days, a ghost writer creates website off-page copies, white papers and articles. You may not be in the bylines but you are still entitled to call it your work and gain credential and feedback from clients. The biggest demand hike for ghost writers began with the culture of self publishing and e-books. As more and more people enter independent publishing, each one of them needs a ghost writer, either to compile, edit or write their material into a readable book format.

Web Content Writer

Content creators are always placed under this category due to the overlapping writing work web content writers take on like social media copies and educational articles. Most content mills require these type of writers. Due to the boom in startups and entrepreneurship, the need of the hour is online presence. This creates an opportunity for S.E.O incorporated content, therefore, web content writers.

2020 will see more change in ranking due to constant google updates, henceforth making it of utmost importance that the right candidate does the right task. Those tasks, for a web content writer include blogs, website, articles and press releases. There are other tasks like social media writing, email writing, newsletters and guides that web content writers work on. Most of these writers eventually branch out into another role while some keep dabbling here and there based on expertise.

Script Writer

It is pretty obvious that we are in an era of video and audio content consumption. Facebook videos, IGTV, Youtube and Podcasting are solid proof. Everyday, more and more people, celebrities and influencers alike, are warming up to its power for the purpose of reach. There are podcasts, audio books, video channels, Snapchat channels and more to choose from. In such times, scriptwriters are prerequisite.

Everything you listen in a video and audio being spoken is a script much like the ones for a television show or movie, just less formal. Video script and podcast scripts aren’t the only arena of work for scriptwriters. Advertising scripts are needed for short video ads on video channels. There are ads heard on Music apps like Spotify and Gaana. Now, there are even ads for social media channels. There is also a new market for transcribing and chat-bot material that script writers can expand into. The work purview is only just beginning to shine. It’s uphill from here.

Copy Writer

Before the existence of Internet, there were two kind of popular writers, journalists and copywriters. Needless to mention, copywriters predate every content creator. They covered all sorts of advertisements in newspapers and magazines. There were announcement pieces, brochures, pamphlets and formal letters. Then came the era of virtual space. These days, we see emails, newsletters and sectionals. Even invitation cards have transitioned into e-invites.

Until there are words to be written, copy writers were, are and will always be in demand. The times have changed from letters to emails. The horizons have broadened calling for more copywriters than before. The scope of work has expanded to product descriptions, media copies, campaigns, lead generation ads, landing pages, and more. Copywriters cover the most miscellaneous duties of any writer niche so far and will continue to do so as new and improvised form of work keep emerging.


With a increase in demand, content creator roles have been clearly defined but there are various miscellaneous duties that still fall under multiple categories like social media writing and email writing, covered by copywriters and web content writers alike. Similarly, educational websites seek both, ghost writers and technical writers indicating overlapping work.

Nonetheless, the content consumption has been constantly increasing. With the immense scope of work there is a place for everyone. The internet has created ample room for every type of content creator to specialize in a skill set. By the end of 2020, new specializations like Social Media writers and Podcast writers are bound to gain popularity but for now,

Start work hunting.

See you next blog!