Writing Exercise 4

Writing Exercise Rephrase

Rephrasing the most popularly used phrases is a difficult task. There are countless paraphrasing tools available online that people don’t bother anymore. But these tools cannot beat the creativity of a human mind and surely do not work for writers.

Most of these paraphrasing tools will replace one word for another but do not stimulate the creative juices of the reader. What do writers do? We practice, revise, edit and recreate every piece. This gets the creative gears turning.

Often times metaphors are used to replace overused words or emotions. But there are other options like simile and parallels. For today’s exercise, let’s practice rephrasing the most common line,

“Once Upon a time..”

Pick a pen and paper, open a word file, open a notepad (virtual or physical), start a voice note or any other form you prefer and start with all the usual replacements that pop up in your head.
Now that those are out of the way, get creative. Take an hour, two hours, a day or two.

Keep a check of how many you came up with. No number is a good number or bad number, it’s just practice.

Here are a few more for you to take a hit at:

“Let’s start with…”

“Here goes nothing…”

“In the end…”

The choices are endless. Whenever, wherever you see an overused phrase, start rephrasing. It not only makes for fun exercise but a stimulating workout for your creativity.

Keep these creative phrases aside and use them later in your writing pieces. Does it fit? Is there anything better you could use?

Get rephrasing!

See you next blog!

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