Writing Exercise 3

Writing Exercise Prompts

7 Styles of Writing for everyday of the Week

  • Poetry based on Empowerment.

Inspiration: women empowerment, self empowerment, child empowerment, education empowerment.

  • Creative Non-fiction based on an Embarrassing Moment

Inspiration: When you feel in public, when you walked in on someone’s private moment or vice versa.

  • A Blog on ‘How would you handle yourself as a child?’

Inspiration: I would do it just like my parents did or the few things I would have changed or things about your childhood self that needed more attention.

  • A Fictional Piece with reader as the main character.

Online is raging with fan-fiction. Jump the bandwagon. Use your characteristics and write in first person.
Inspiration: Reader x Celebrity meeting, Reader x Dreaming a nightmare, Reader x Goes into the future.

  • A News article for a local outlet.

Inspiration: A missing person’s report, an obituary, a politician’s recent speech, latest development in your locality and such.

  • Financial report on a construction project

Inspiration: The latest government development in your area, your neighbor’s house, the most famous statue in the country or anything that you can dig up.

  • Case study on a jinxes

Inspiration: Your personal jinxes, your mom’s jinxes, how a jinx works for someone or people’s psychology based on jinxes.

As an exercise or simply to get rid of a mental block, pick a style you are uncomfortable and unfamiliar with. This gets your creative juices flowing in unexpected ways. It’s like a break from work while honing your craft.

Good luck writing.

See you next blog!