Writing Exercise 2

Writing exercise Poetry Month Prompt

In honor of the Poetry Month, write a piece that exceeds no more then 100 words.

Flash Fiction, Short Poetry, Small prose had been the latest trend and people love to read them but the newly emerging style of digital storytelling is something that can fit into 100 to 300 words. Many literary platforms across the globe are joining the march towards micro fiction. One of the popular and early risers in the field is Terribly Tiny Tales, a storytelling app and social media account made exclusively for readers who look towards entertaining stories and quick consumptions.

This has also opened the door for other talented writers who never fit a genre before. With the creative space expanding and accommodating, it is now time to look for micro-content writers.

Moreover, copywriters with a knack for saying more in less have been the sort-after talents in the freelance writing services for a long time. They will continue to be in demand in the future. If you are a copywriter, a content writer, an author or otherwise related to the writing field for any purpose, practising the art of micro-fiction will prove beneficial for the betterment of your craft, irrespective of the niche.

This so happens because lesser words require a writer to be precise, dramatic and create a twist within the limited space. It requires a writer to remove all additional information and create a clear picture of a single impact-full moment that it becomes a story in itself.

Let your creative juices flow and write your poetry, prose or creative non-fiction in a word limit of 100 or less. Ok. Fiction too! You can choose to practise a sales copy, landing page or social media copy as well. It’s up to you.

If you are stuck on ideas, check out some prompts on that endlessly scrolling social media or on a prompt creating blog.

Good Luck Writing.

See you next blog!