27 April Post Ideas for Bookstagrammers

March to April is a transitional period in the seasons. It is the spring; summers knocking on the door. It is also a great season to graduate your Instagram posts from woolly winter hues to sunny spring ones. Bring in a good spring haul and make your to-be-read bucket list of the new season in advance. Dig out all the spring props and take a shopping spree to buy some new ones.

Bookstagrammers have tons to do each month: book hauls, readings, reviews, promotions, events, contests, giveaways, calendar, post ideas and often 30 photos in 20 settings. 24 hours are just never enough for everything. It is understandable.

How about we skip from reading and reviews to 30 photos in 20 setting?
Excited? Elated? Get going!

To ease your work load, here are 27 post ideas for your April Bookstagram (minus 3 points credited to promotional content- I know that’s big part of the job):

  1. Start with your favorite book this year.
  2. A happy Spring Post and some spring aesthetics.
  3. A promotional post (post promotional content only once a week)*
  4. Your favorite book quote.
  5. A setting that reminds you of a scene in a book.
  6. One outdoor post with your current read.
  7. Bookshelves and how you prefer to arrange them.
  8. Spring to-be-read list.
  9. A post with all the books that have spring colors.
  10. A promotional post (a contest)
  11. A book quote that resonates with you IRL.
  12. A person that reminds you of a character in a book.
  13. One outdoor post with your latest book-haul.
  14. Your reading nook.
  15. A book series that you last completed.
  16. Book merchandise in spring colors.
  17. A promotional post (a giveaway)
  18. A quote outside of the book.
  19. Something new that you were inspired to try because of a book.
  20. One outdoor post of a latest book that you reviewed.
  21. Snacks you prefer while reading.
  22. Your next read that excites you.
  23. Spring flowers along with one spring romance.
  24. A promotional post (promo codes)
  25. Your book quote Journal (let’s be honest, we all have one)
  26. A Book inspired outfit.
  27. Outdoor post of a book you want to re-read.
  28. Latest book aesthetics.
  29. All the books you have completed so far this year/ this month.
  30. Books to look out for in May (or you can choose to end the month with a promotional post).

You will see a pattern to these 27 post ideas above. It is simple process. Pick five to seven broad categories depending on the number of days per week that you post. Divide them into subcategories for posting each week.

For example, spring colors is a category in which you post 4 different color themed posts, one every week. Or, choose a book as a category and post 4 different themed posts on the same book, one every week. A favorite bookstagramer of mine does 2 different posts on the same book, a month apart each; once with aesthetics like pillow cover, book marks, drawings, inspired candles and more while the other one includes the book itself and a journal creative inspired by the book.

Side Note: It is often more practical to make your choices based on the prop collection that you already own instead of starting a whole new set of collection. Small scale and rising accounts need all the help they can get.

Now snap away, pick and post!

See You next week!

*Promotional Content can overwhelm you audience so post only once a week or twice every week. Be clever about it and use a minimum of 3 days gap if you have too much promotional content at your hands.