Writing Exercise 1

Writing Exercise

To get better at writing, as a service, as a creative skill and as an author, it is essential to write more and more. Writing in different styles and learning the technicalities of the craft comes with practice. Every now and then I come across such technicalities in my reading that would be fun practice and a great skill improvement step into my craft.

As I comes across such pointers, I will share them in a series of writing exercises so that you can practice along. For starters,

Describe your surroundings or a scene based on 5 types of adjectives:

  • Sound
  • Touch
  • Taste
  • Smell, and
  • Sight

This method of description is used in creative non-fiction and fiction to describe a surrounding or experience without using direct adjective, specifically known as sensory adjectives.

Sensory adjectives allow freedom of imagination to the reader. It helps lead a scene or image without finger pointing and hand holding. Read poetry and haiku to identify the use of sensory adjectives. In fiction, thrillers and suspense make for excellent storytelling because of these adjectives.

Beginners: Try using one or two sensory adjectives at a time. A real time exercise would be to describe a your surroundings while closing your eyes. Focus on the sounds and smells around you.

Intermediate: After having had some experience, it is time to widen the horizon. Write an unfamiliar scene and do this exercise in an unfamiliar surrounding while blindfolded. Use the remaining senses to describe the scene.

Experts: As excessive use of these adjectives can slow down a scene; try writing a short scene or story with sensory adjectives without overwhelming the reader or overpowering the character.

Good luck practicing.

See you next blog!