Introductions: First Blog Post

First Blog Post

I’m Abhilasha.

Welcome to my first blog post!

What have you been up to while I have been behind this laptop typing my fingertips into non-existence? Looking for new content? New blogs? New website? Looking to set up your very own content strategy? Something to sate that content (oh, I mean constant) hunger for finding and producing fresh content?

Right place! This is only the first blog, the foundation to my building. Come back for the next blog post, there will be derivable and actionable content and read this one to see how your first blog can take shape.

Now that I have pitched my next blog without saying anything else and you are still here, then,

Welcome to my Website!

After pondering for hours and hours each day about the contents of my first blog. I have decided to introduce myself and my platform instead of going with ‘What should the first blog be about?’
That will be my second topic. Makes more sense to tell you after having done it myself.

Back to the basics,

Who am I?

I am a content professional; a content writer editor. There are many titles for the same: content creator, communication strategist, sub-editor and so on. Each one is slightly different then the next, serving the same core purpose with varying additional responsibilities.
I do them all. I can tweet your social the correct way, I can give you blogging tips, I can dig through the SEO but in the end, writing, creating stories is my passion.

This career, for me, started out of two things: my love for creating stories and need for some extra cash in college.
Pulling lifestyle articles, entertainment listings, web hosting reviews and business page content out of thin air (not exactly but with little to no reference material still counts as thin air) felt like finding an oasis. I was good at it and I liked it. It helped people in going where they wanted to go in their careers and lives and it helped me the same.

After more than 6 years of working through the content mill was getting me nowhere. I was still ghostwriting at the same rates and I would get no credit. I started a desk job. While I learned some good hacks, I still wasn’t happy enough. I wanted to have my own portfolio and write under my own name. I started looking for ways to create an online portfolio but the idea grew into something more.
Now, here I am in the virtual space with my own website sharing my experience and serving my talents.

What I plan to write about?

The world revolves around content. Everything is open to scrutiny, what you say or what you tweet. Your blogs have to be apt, your websites have to be singing, your posters have to be crooning and your hashtags…
Oh god, the hashtags, they have to be just #P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

I will tell you places where your ‘t’s and ‘i’s will be attending a black tie event (did I go too far with the metaphor? I mean they have to be perfectly crossed and dotted) and places where they can take a leisurely walk. You can write them yourselves or, I can write them for you. It is time your blogs are fun, articles newsworthy and captions catchy.

I will talk about books and socials, articles and blogs, marketing and pitching; and everything that is content.

I promise to try my best and stir up content that will rattle your brains into taking a new direction, keep you up to trends and help your content get better.


If you have survived the reading through my first blog this far, imagine what I can do to your content?

For now, I will take my leave before I end up using a meme instead of an actual greeting.

Hope you had a good time reading!

See you next blog!

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